MEP Coordination

M.E.P Design Validation

MEP systems for coordination for designers and builders

MEP coordination presents an unusual challenge for practice and research. Advanced plant design systems can provide models to assist in coordination, but they are generally not used on hospitals, laboratories, educational institutions, commercial buildings & manufacturing plants. Detailed design and construction for these complex facilities are fragmented because specialty design consultants and contractors perform this work. The root cause of the coordination problem is not the lack of technology but the need to apply available technology tailoring to a specific set of business and technical conditions. 3D BIM models could allow a revised process of coordination.

MEP coordination requires to support major improvements in design, coordination, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and retrofit for new uses.

The process of coordination involves locating components and branches from all systems in compliance with design, construction, and operations criteria. ( MEP Design Audit).

As a part of Geninfo’s coordination process for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems on complex buildings and light industrial projects we offer improved integration by defining locations for branch components of systems in congested spaces to avoid interferences and comply with diverse design and operations criteria.(MEP Design Drawings)

Due to limited building space for MEP systems, design and construction is much more difficult. & limited resources do not allow detailing MEP coordination systems by design consultants. Geninfo offers contractors on these projects MEP Modeling by "design assist" to complete the design for fabrication and installation by using the 3D Coordinated Clash Free BIM Models.