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Bird As Built

At Geninfo we understand that as Built drawings have always been a critical part and it has always been clear that these need to be the final version of the drawings, which by convention are marked as ‘As Built’. This is why we have been saving As Build’s in both the formats stated below with their advantages:

  • PDF file format: That advantage is that these have a relatively small file size, the PDF reader is easily available, and it is quite accurate.
  • DWG file format: The advantage is that these allows modification in the future.

We also know, that due to contractual liabilities some architects and M&E contractors do not like providing the DWG files because it may require them to undertake significant work in stripping out hidden layers that might contain information that is proprietary to them. It is also possible that leaving these hidden layers in place would leave them at increased risk of a legal challenge at some point in the future. Based on the agreed scope of work and in consultation with our costumer we can provide the DWG and PDF set of as built drawing sheets to be submitted.

Geninfo offers you a “quick and accurate” service to return your construction document set with “as built” markups in a clean and sharp PDF & DWG format files.