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Working with General contractors, multi-disciplinary consultants, M&E contractors and architects our M&E and architectural design validation services allow the design of any particular discipline to be assessed for accuracy and effectiveness and cross referenced with other disciplines to ensure feasibility and practicality.

Design Validation A
Design Validation B
Design Validation C

Architectural and Structural Design Validation:

Typically working with General contractors our approach for structural design elements includes the following:

  • Architectural Design Audit:
    Reviewing drawings from architectural and then structural disciplines to ensure accuracy, completeness and consistency. Inconsistencies and errors are identified and reported along with our risk assessment.
  • 3D Architectural and Structural Modeling:
    We create the different disciplines 3D models to facilitate the validation of the design. The benefit of a 3D Model allows our customers to communicate any design issues with a wider audience including their client.