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Building Information Modeling (Bim Modeling)

Building Information modeling - Bim Outsourcing Consulting Services in Canada

Although the concepts and methodologies we now understand as Building Information Modeling date back as far as 30 years—and then primarily within the manufacturing and aerospace industries, BIM as a design and construction term was introduced about 15 years ago to set the then-emerging, information-rich, architectural computer-3-D modeling apart from traditional, and mainly paper-based, 2-D design and drawing.

BIM modeling aimed to designate both a software approach and a method of designing and constructing a building by the use of highly coordinated and internally consistent computable information about the building; all the way from conceptual design, through construction, to post construction and asset management.

A correctly assembled BIM is a reliable, digital, three dimensional, “virtual” representation of the project to be built.

  • For use in design decision-making,
  • In construction document production,
  • In construction scheduling and planning,
  • In performance predictions and in cost estimates.

Keep in mind that, as with all other computer-based applications, the quality of the output is always limited by, and does reflect, the quality of the input—you’ve no doubt heard the term "garbage in, garbage out."

With what in essence is a three-dimensional representation of a centralized database containing all items that will comprise the actual building—including their location, dimension, relation to other items, composition, cost, as well as their ordering or manufacturing details—the owner, architect, engineer, contractor, subcontractor and manufacturer have a clear view of the project as a whole, in one up-to-date and integrated digital environment.

This sentiment is echoed by most consultants as well, and—increasingly—by those early adopters who have implemented BIM and its processes on their projects.

These include the U.S. General Services Administration, Disney and Intel

The consensus among those who have actually used BIM is that BIM saves both time and money, sees fewer conflicts and design errors—along with a drastic reduction in RFIs and change orders—and improves productivity.

BIM Services at Geninfo

At GENINFO, using Autodesk Revit Architecture, Autodesk Revit MEP and Autodesk Revit Structures, we are able to create design data for a single construction project with the same family of software. Autodesk Navisworks & Autodesk Fabrication Suite ( CADMEP , FABMEP, ESTMEP & CAMDUCT) provide the necessary tools for clash detection and industry standard fabrication data outputs. This I.P.D approach provides obvious time and cost benefits and facilitates the entire project team to view the impact of their individual designs with those of others Bim Services and to resolve conflicts based on the virtual construction model.

Geninfo offers,

  • Design Data Validation through our pre coordination services
  • 3D BIM modeling
  • Clash Detection & Clash Resolutioins for Construction Clash free Models
  • Annotations & Construction Drawings Sets for Individual Services including spooling sheets for sheet metal & mechanical piping.
  • create BIM or family data for Revit Architecture and Revit for Revit Architecture and Revit MEP. (includes physical and graphical elements) . Autodesl Seek compliance for technical and manufacturer information for the element being modeled as well as parametric properties and family properties are assigned.

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