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BIM Conversion Services allow converting of the various models in the form of a BIM. Thus, these services strengthen and fasten the entire building process in the field of construction and development.

It provides accurate outputs with the proper planning, layouts, and drawings, all in the virtual model. Such services include Sketch to BIM Services, PDF to BIM Services, 2D and 3D CAD to BIM Services, and 2D CAD to 3D Revit Modelling.

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Our BIM Conversion Services:-

Our company provides the various BIM Conversion Services as mentioned below -

  • We are revamping the architectural blueprints in the form of 3D Revit Plans.
  • Our team transforms the basic layouts, PDFs, and paper-based designs into BIM form.
  • Our team uses drafts of CAD to produce the Life Cycle Models of installation projects.
  • Reforming the structural programs in the BIM models form.
  • We use the BIM specification along with the LOD principles to label the BIM objects.

Process of implementing the BIM Conversion Services:-

The process to implement the BIM Conversion Services are mentioned below -

  • We are getting 2D CAD drawings from the client.
  • Top-class Engineers deep dive into the detailed research of the 2D project, and they set a one-on-one client meeting.
  • The 3D BIM Models are made with the help of a 2D BIM Model. Then an integrated BIM Model gets attached to it.
  • Quality checks are initiated along with the clash detections.
  • Using BIM 360, we coordinatively work with the client.

Why choose us as your BIM Conversion Services provider?

GenInfo Solutions is the leading BIM Conversion Services providers. Using our most efficient BIM implementation and consulting services, we help you with the best BIM Conversion Services tools to better your project today. Our core experienced team looks after the engineers and architects to bring forth every construction layout in the virtual format. It indeed makes it easy for them to get back and refer to it, edit it or perform any modifications in the future. Contact us today to get assistance over your BIM Conversion requirements, and we will leave you with no remorse. Approach us, and our team will contact you back shortly to take the discussion further from here.


What is the use of CAD to BIM Conversion?

CAD to BIM Conversion helps provide room occupancy, 3D Design Visualization, and Accurate Construction Drawings with the best initial plannings.

What factors specify the Conversion price?

The following factors specify the conversion pricing -

  • Content density.
  • Dimensional Precision.
  • Replication.
  • Clarity.
  • Drawing lines & objects.

In what all formats, the conversion takes place?

Our standard system accepts the different input format types, and it gets packed up for the outputs. This information is obtained in the forms like scanned copies, TIFF, CaD formats, JEDMICS C4, JPEG, and PDF. For outcomes, we accept AutoCAD DWG & DXF format for 2D CAD. Moreover, Solidworks, IGES, 3D DWG, STL, SketchUp, 3D PDF are taken for 3D CAD. For the BIM conversions, we use Navisworks, Revit RFA and RVT, and SketchUp.

How much time does the conversion take?

The 2D level Conversions of one or two sheets to CAD usually take no longer than one or two days. However, for the large chunk of sheets, it can be up to 3 to 4 days. Overall, preparing the entire construction-related drawings may take up to a week.