Architectural rend M&E Visulisation

Architectural Rendering / M&E Visualisation / 3d Walkthrough & Animation

Through application of our MEP experience and expertise we can assist our clients during the tender / bid stage of projects with presentation material in the form of still images, 3D walkthroughs and detailed animation of a proposed M&E environment.

Our 3D M&E Visualisation material details building services and other building disciplines such as the complete architectural building to ensure that the context of services with other disciplines is accurately represented to the target audience.

Our M&E Visualisation services include the following:

Rendered Still Images:
We create static, photo-realistic and conceptual images to depict a finished M&E environment for a range of purposes including cost validation, scope validation or installation validation purposes.

Video (Walkthroughs):
Our 3D videos are used to provide a more realistic appreciation of space and the complexity of M&E services within an environment.